Sharon Saint Don

Starting with sterling silver and gold, all my work is created using hand fabrication techniques. Cutting, punching, soldering, and hammering afford my jewelry a lightness, durability and detail unachievable via mass production.

The raw materials I start with are silver and gold in sheet, tubing, wire and nugget forms. I transform these precious metals into jewelry using mostly hand tools and some power tools.

Making work in small batches makes for careful use of materials and minimizes waste. I do not use casting processes or molds for my work, and most of my designs employ metal forming techniques that strengthen the metal through hand hammered, forged processes.

My line of jewelry is unique in that I do not use plating for any of my gold jewelry. Instead of plating, I use a modern material called "bimetal" for a portion of my jewelry line. Sheets of 22k gold are fused with sterling silver, bonding the two in permanent marriage. The result is durable, repairable, easily recyclable and its production avoids the use of acidic cyanide solutions needed for gold plating.

I fell in love with metal in the 1990's and completed my 5 year degree (BFA) in Metal Design at the UW Seattle in 1998. I have been making things out of metal for over 20 years, I love my work of making my clients happy with high quality, durable jewelry.

I purchase the majority of my metals from Hauser and Miller, a refiner and manufacturer of precious metals since 1909. They sell only metals sourced from certified conflict free and fair labor practicing mines. They also recycle precious metals and manufacture their stock from between 50% to 90% post consumer metals, which I find to be much more important than just recycled.

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